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Garnet is a mineral grating created from normally happening almandite garnet. It is delivered by handling shoreline sand and evaluating to correct particulars. Because of its low free silica, Garnet grating is generally utilized as a part of sand/coarseness impacting and now broadly well known for waterjet cutting. Garnet is savvy, ecologically and administrator well disposed, a contrasting option to silica sands and minerals slags and will give a class Sa3 White Metal wrap up. Garnet particles are thick, hard and sharp and free of substantial metals or dangerous segments. The low friability of garnet grants reusing up to 5-8 times and the moderately high thickness guarantees quick impacting speeds.

Palash International supply fine, medium and harsh Abrasive garnet for different modern applications:-

Sand Blasting grade: -20/40, 20/60 and 30/60 detailed grain of Abrasive garnet are prescribed for impact cleaning applications. Mechanical Mineral is a characteristic Almandine known for its common hardness, strength and fits elite amid impacting. Its inherent physical and concoction consistency guarantees prevalent execution. Garnet is relentlessly superseding other impacting media since it is condition benevolent and reusable.

  • Oil Petroleum Industry Maintenance, Refineries, Oil Wells etc.
  • Shipbuilding,Repair yards,Shipyards For Blasting.
  • Bridges,Rail tanks, new buildings.
  • Denim Blasting.It is Utilized For Stone Washing of Denim Fabrics, Offering Only The Fading of dye without damaging the Cloth or stitching.
  • Powder Coating.

Water Filtration: 12/40 Coarser grains are utilized as a part of an assortment of filtration applications which incorporate Industrial Waste Water treatment and business water filtration. Garnet is perhaps the most practical option for water filtration beds as it resets the channel bed all the more quickly after the bed is back-flushed. In addition, it is additionally liable for the disposal of substantial minerals. Moreover, it has the advantage of being synthetically inactive, reuse in bringing about longer creation to Water treatment medium. The brand is recognized for its high particular gravity, solidness and steady reviewing, which is extremely basic for water treatment and filtration.

Water Jet Cutting: (Coarse 60#, Medium 80# and fine 120# above 150#, 180#, 200#, 220#)

Small-scale grains of garnet like Grade #80/# 120 are superbly reasonable for the Water fly cutting Media in the Industrial reason. Consistency in grain size, hardness, and solidness bring about frontline quality, ideal proficiency, and low financial matters. It is impeccably reasonable for the applications given underneath.

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Marble, Ceramics and Road Painting

Abrasive Papers: Abrasive Papers are very valuable for covering abrasives, which thusly are utilized for covering of metal, wood other covering purposes. Rough Paper made out of grating grains are mostly utilized for the surface readiness application for painting and expelling of the consumption particles, which gives new life to a surface arrangement.

Note:-Specifications and Chemical investigation can be outfitted just when we become acquainted with the evaluations/applications wanted by you.

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