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February 26, 2019
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Decorate the surface via quartz
March 27, 2019

What are the different uses of quartz?

What are the different uses of quartz? Quartz is most widely available mineral on the crust of the earth, where 1/8 of it, beaten only by feldspar. Although Quartz is colourless, transparent or slightly clouded, it can be found all over the world at any temperature condition. Quartz and Quartz Slabs are used on a daily basis for a number of purposes and basic reason behind this is Engineered Quartz Stone with extremely essential attributes due to which the uses of quartz are multiplying day by day.

Basically, there are two types of quartz, one is normal and the other one is High-temperature Quartz. Both create different variation and uses. Some of the uses of quartz are

#Glass Making Material

Quartz act as main material of glass making glass a great factor of industry for long period of time. Moreover the sand uses by glassmaker to create glass, contain 100% of Quartz. When heated on high temperature, quartz powder turns to be solid, durable and has clear color. During the heating process, glassmaker can easily shape the quartz into anything, thus it marks how important quartz is in both chemistry and economy.

#Watch Industry

Many people notice that the glass in their wristwatch is always made up of quartz. It is so because quartz has pretty solid and durable material that make it ideal for creating a glass of watches. Quartz in it original form is affordable than other gemstone such as diamond. Not only in watch material, all stuffs that have glass must have quartz in it.

#Abrasive Material

Another uses of quartz is abrasive material. Due to high hardness and durability of quartz it makes it harder than most other natural substances. Further quartz sand is good for sand blasting, sand sawing, scouring and grinding material with smoother result. Their high texture and hardness make it superior than other ordinary sand. Despite its form, has power when user uses them together as abrasive material.

#Petroleum Industry

Quartz is also used in the Petroleum Industry as well. Quartz sand is mixed with water to form a slurry that is pumped at high pressure to form fractures in reservoir rocks. This durable sand grain holds the fracture open and this open fracture facilitates the flow of natural gas.

These are some of the untold uses of quartz. To know more about Quartz and if you are searching for best Quartz Slabs Manufacturers in India and Quartz Powder Manufacturers in India, then visit Palash Internationals. For more details visit our website  and contact us +91-8003111855


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