Why Quartz is at the top in Countertops

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Why Quartz is at the top in Countertops

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These days, Quartz is everywhere. If you doesn’t believe us, switch on any HGTV show and you will see that it is featured in many of their kitchen projects….

It was a time when granite was the first and last word in residential kitchen countertops. Whenever homeowners fantasized about their dream kitchens, there was no doubt that they prefer granite countertops. With its timeless elegance and excellent resale value, there is no wonder that granite ruled for almost many years. But now, according to NKBA, this place is taken by Quartz.  Over the last 5 years, many homeowners and designers have begun realizing the benefits of quartz surfaces and thus there is a steady increase in the specification of quartz in kitchen and bath projects.

Why Quartz is so appealing??


Quartz is actually made up of 88 percent of real quartz that is obtained from company-owned quarries. The high quartz content makes the material tough, durable and also resistant to stains and scratches. Quartz surfaces are prove to be most cost-effective in long run.

Ease of Maintenance

Quartz Slabs surfaces have non-porous property and because of this property it doesn’t require and sealing, oiling or waxing. As it is non porous so bacteria also can’t get inside, so it can’t proliferate.


Quartz comes in wide range of colors. As it is available in nearly any color of rainbow and since it can be easily fabricated into any shape or size, quartz countertops can be fit practically in any style of décor.

Look like Natural Stone

Quartz Slabs Manufacturers produce quartz countertops in everything from solid colors to imitation granite and marble. Some of the most beautiful Quartz choices that is offer by Palash International look so much like authentic marble that no one would identify that it wasn’t the real thing.

Interested in buying the Quartz for your kitchen or bathroom? Contact Palash International, a no. 1 Quartz Slabs Manufacturers and Exporters in India and get the best quality Quartz at affordable price.





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