Solid Surface vs Engineered Quartz Stone Surface – Which is better for Home Décor

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February 20, 2019
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Solid Surface vs Engineered Quartz Stone Surface – Which is better for Home Décor


With having some of the advantages and disadvantages both have some of the capabilities that make them different from each other. Solid Surface and Engineered Quartz Stone  in their own way are best for home décor but they are not same. In this blog we will tell you that what are the differences between both so that you can choose best for your home.

Common features of two materials:

  • Both have fireproofing materials.
  • Both are environmental friendly- Without toxic substance or radiation, can be touched directly with food.
  • Both provide wide range of color selections and come with the texture and feeling of nature stone
  • Have beautiful glazing Surface after polishing.

These are some of the common feature. Now let us look at differences between two:

  1. Made of different Materials
  • Solid Surface is made up by mixing natural mineral powder such as acrylic, polyester resin and coloing pigments, then chemically cured and heated into sheets form whereas Engineered Quartz Stone is a mixture of 93% quartz stone and 7% polyester resin and other additives.
  1. Mouldability
  • Solid Surface is almost limitless on design flexibility and can be heated and bent into avariety of shapes meanwhile quartz is much harder material that make the stone more rigid and compact and thus it cannot be moulded in any shape.
  1. Scratch and Stain Resistance
  • Solid Surface is low maintenance thus it is easier to get scratched and stained during daily use daily use application whereas engineered quartz have highest resistance against scratch and stain.
  1. Heat Resistance
  • Solid Surface is low in heat resistance therefore it is advised high temperature item should not be place directly whereas Engineered Quartz Stone is fairly high in heat resistance and cannot be affected by temperature lower than 300o
  1. Affordability
  • Cost of engineered quartz stone surface is higher than solid surface because its rigidness makes processing of it more difficult. Therefore engineered quartz stone surfaces are most commonly used for kitchen Countertops/bathroom vanity tops and kitchen backsplash.

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